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Wednesday, July 20th, 2005
9:33 am
Dr. Fred Cordova - Contact Information
My name is Peter Alvarado and I'm a producer/director for Comcast Video On-Demand. We are in the process of putting a together a television show focusing on this year's Pista Sa Nayon in Seattle.

We would like to interview Drs. Fred and Dorthey Cordova about the history of the Filipino community in Western Washington

Does anyone have contact information for him? I have sent email and left voicemail at FANHS, but gotten no response.

Thanks for any help!
Monday, June 6th, 2005
8:00 am
History --> activism
First: UW history professor James Gregory creates an online report on segregrated Seattle with his students.

Secondly: The Seattle Times reports on the issue.

Now: The Seattle Times returns with an editorial asking the state Legislature to expunge the remaining racial convenants.

Future? We'll see, but I have to think that people will pay attention to the biggest paper in the Northwest.

The point: historical study can and often does lead to action in the present.
Wednesday, May 25th, 2005
9:37 pm
World's Fair video clips?
About a year ago, I saw a video clip from the Seattle World's Fair online. It was a short promotional video, about 2 minutes long. It seems like I watched it on some kind of webpage with all kinds of Seattle historical video clips. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I can't find it, and it's driving me crazy! Thanks! :)
Saturday, April 9th, 2005
3:44 pm
Council-commissioned presentation on our historical waterfront from historian Paul Dorpat
Wednesday, April 13th
5:30 p.m. — 7:30 p.m.
Seattle Central Library’s Microsoft Auditorium
(1000 Fourth Avenue at Madison Street)
Free and open to the public!
(Parking info: www.spl.org or call 206-386-4636.)

Looks pretty interesting! (here's the news blurb on it)
Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005
11:38 pm
Streaming video: Filipino American history in Seattle
I had the pleasure of interviewing Fred and Dorothy Cordova from the Filipino American National Historical Society a few months back with my professor, James Gregory. We recorded the interviews and they're now available via streaming video (Windows Media) now. Take a look if you have a broadband connection. They're really pretty informative about life as a Filipino American in Seattle during the mid-20th century.

Here's the full URL: http://faculty.washington.edu/gregoryj/civilrights/cordovas.htm
Thursday, February 3rd, 2005
10:09 am
Seattle Underground
Can we get Bill Speidel's Underground Tour added to the community links? It's a really great insight into Seattle history, and really points out the extreme wackiness of our forebears (especially with regards to 'seamstresses'). Plus, it makes Doc Maynard out to be the awesome hero that he is, which is cool because I played him in a 6th grade play.
8:10 am
February is Black History Month
In today's Seattle Times: Saluting African-American history

Looks like the selection of local Black History Month events is rather dry this year.
Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005
12:03 pm


This is a really cool site.  You can see pictures of Seattle from back in the 1800s.  Check it out!



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Thursday, January 27th, 2005
1:16 am
Welcome to Seattle History!
If you're new here, reply to this post telling me why you're interested in Seattle history.
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